Its important to give every client verbal and written aftercare to ensure they understand what they must do post treatment (or more to the fact, what they should NOT do)

Most clients switch off post treatment so handing them their aftercare will prevent call backs.

⦁ Cleanse, tone and moisturise your face morning and night with the right products for your skin; this will help to prevent loss of moisture, protect the skin from make-up through the day helping to keep the skin soft and supple as well as removing dirt and make up from the skin at the end of the day.
⦁ Drink plenty of water (Recommended 2 – 3 litres).
⦁ Eat a healthy, balanced diet, including at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables.
⦁ Do not undertake any other facial skincare treatments within 48 hours of having a LED light therapy.
⦁ Always use an SPF.
⦁ Avoid smoking and alcohol.
⦁ Avoid UV exposure / sunbeds for 7 days after treatment.