Since micropigmentation has gained its popularity, after procedure balms have been over developed and overpriced and there are several different companies you can choose from. All of which will normally charge you a small mortgage to stock. I believe this does not have to be costly and keeping your outgoings down is important.

I recommend using the below product from Aveeno. I have sworn by this product for years and I always get good, healed results. Its creamy, sits well on the skin due to its lightness, is not too oily and doesn’t contain petroleum jelly.

A large bottle normally costs approx. £7 and once purchased I recommend decanting into a small tester pot for each client. You can then make up an aftercare kit for them to take home including your aftercare instructions, some cotton buds and anything else you wish to pop in. This is a nice way to end the treatment and will save you getting call backs from clients who didn’t pay attention to your verbal aftercare whilst they were in your clinic. This should be given to every client after every procedure.

The Aftercare Lotion We recommend all our students supply their clients with post procedure.
The small pots we recommend you decant your aftercare lotion into to give to your clients after every appointment.