Have all equipment and products ready & close by and make sure your adhesive has been shaken well.

Lay the client on the couch with fresh couch roll, and a pillow

Ask client to remove glasses or contact lenses.

1. Sanitise your hands

2. Clean any make up off with oil free remover and then ensure lashes are completely clean and dry

3. Ask the client to open their eyes and look back towards you. Place an eye pad so that it covers all the lower lashes. Ask the client to close their eyes.

4. Comb through the lashes to separate them all

5. Using one set of tweezers isolate a lash (Position yourself behind the client and isolate the natural eyelash by holding the tweezers at a 45-degree angle in your non-working hand.)

6. With the other set of tweezers pick up a lash and run the base of the lash through the adhesive apply adhesive to two-thirds of its length from the base by dragging it through the container.  Blot any excess glue on the eye pad or micropore tape.

7. Run the lash extension up the natural eyelash in order to coat it with adhesive before placing the lash in place, approximately 1mm from the base of the eyelash ensuring there are no gaps between the two. Smooth the surface of the of the adhesive using a micro-applicator before it dries. The lash extension should be completely bonded to the eyelash so that the two appear blended and natural and should follow the direction of the natural eyelash.

8.Move to the other eye and place an extension in a similar place, so that the extensions are built up evenly on each side

9.Comb lashes through to make sure none are stuck together

Keep alternating eyes until the required number of lashes are applied gently remove the eye pads Show the client the finished look and explain the aftercare.