Here are the basic steps to any facial procedure. Although it looks a lot, once broken down it really is the basics to any skin treatment. When writing up your treatment menu, use this step by step as a guide to help you.

Express facial

CONSULTATION – Get to know the client and their skin, their routine at home and any medications or illness’s that would effect their skin

SKIN ANAYLSIS – check for anything that may prevent you from treating. Do they suffer with acne? are they dehydrated? possibly quite sensitive.

CLEANSE – ALWAYS double Cleanse

EXFOLIATE & STEAM – Exfoliate whilst steaming to open those pores

MANUAL EXTRACTION – with extraction tools or by hand (I love using cotton buds)

MASSAGE – a full head, neck and d├ęcolletage massage. Scalp is always very relaxing for your client to.

MASK – apply a sheet mask or a made up mask of your choice based on their skin type and concerns

TONE – to close the pores!!

SERUM – Apply a serum that is suitable for their skin (optional)


SPF – apply an SPF ready for your client to leave