The skin glow treatment improves your skin by clearing and unclogging your pores. It also speeds up the growth of new skin cells, which makes your skin healthier and brighter and reduces the impact of ageing skin cells.

Product Penetration is up to 300% greater absorption of serums following a micro-needling treatment.


Skin needling treatments are carried out with a dermapen to create a controlled trauma to the skin. This treatment does not remove any healthy epidermis unlike chemical peels, laser facial treatments. This means the healing time is rapid. Added benefit to this, penetration of powerful active product ingredients – serums. Results are quick and last long term when taken in a course.


–           NO Skin damage (epidermis left in-tact)

–           NO Skin sensitivity to UV light

–           NO Risk of permanent skin discolouration

–           Suitable for all skin types

–           Suitable for thin skin

–           Short healing time

–           Minimal down time

–           Minimal discomfort post treatment

–           Cost effective

–           Painless

–           Minimal or no side effects

The concept of skin needling is based on the skins natural ability to repair itself immediately after an injury occurs to the skin our body reuses the damaged collagen and elastin fibres as well as other damaged skin components to produce new ones.

Serum Acceptance

During the treatment, serum is deposited into the bottom layer of the epidermis. The skin will react to the needles when it breaks into the first layer, and will become inflamed and red.

Pushing the needle in the skin deeper WILL NOT make the serum more effective, all this will do is potentially scar your client. Less is always more, and it will take you a few treatments to get used to what pressure you need to be adopting in every treatment.


Sharps Box and Clinical Waste Bin – These can be purchased privately or from your local council who will collect them regularly as requested by yourself and you will be charged per collection. (THIS IS A MUST WHEN MICRONEEDLING AND NON-NEGOTIABLE TO COMPLY WITH HEALTH AND SAFTEY STANDARDS)

Personal Hygiene

As a consultant you are working in very close proximately to your clients and personal hygiene is vital.  Appropriate clothing including a disposable apron, gloves and face mask must be worn during all treatments to prevent cross infection.  The therapist should wash her hands before and after every treatment using an appropriate medical cleansing solution.

Appropriate Sterilisation of Equipment

Plinths and trolleys wiped over with a suitable disinfectant between clients.  Laundry should be changed after each client and washed above 60 degrees.  Bedroll and other one-use items should be disposed of following the correct procedures. The use of disposable items is promoted to reduce the risk of cross-infection. All sharp items to be disposed of in the sharps box. All re-usable equipment such as micro-needling pen etc. should be sterilised before and after every client.

Sharps Injury Log

You must keep a log of all percutaneous injuries resulting from sharps. The log should contain the date and time the incident happened, a description of each incident including information on the type and brand of needle or device involved, where the incident took place, and an explanation of how the incident occurred. Even if your client is happy to continue the treatment, and no matter how minor the incident, it must be logged in the accident and injury book for insurance purposes and to comply with Health and Safety.

Saving and Re-using needles

It is important to use a new needle for each customer. You cannot re-use a needle for another customer as this could cause cross infection/contamination.