Before every brow treatment, its important to use our eyebrow mapping skills to help give us direction throughout the treatment.

You must apply the same eyebrow mapping methods in all of your your eyebrow treatments. I have a really simplified way of mapping out your clients brows which will serve you well for each brow treatment that you carry out.

The aim is to create symmetry making the rest of the process easy. Always ensure you have asked numerous questions throughout your clients consultation to determine their wants and desires. This will also enable you to ensure their expectations are monitored.

Mapping out your clients brows is as simple as applying a bit of geometry. We want our brows to be as symmetrical as possible, and by simply measuring out specific brow points prior to shaping, your mapping should flow smoothly. Before beginning the brow treatment, you will be required to measure your clients brows and mark the specific points outlined below to enable you to produce a good symmetrical shape. Find Central Point between the clients brows and apply your brow sticker. Once your brow sticker is on you’ll notice we have marked in gold the standard measurements for any brow. With all brow treatments you should pre draw the brow shape you are wanting to achieve with your white brow mapping pen so that you have a clear, easily achievable shape. By simply joining together your measurement points you will have a perfectly symmetrical shape to work with. Once the pre draw has been completed, we can then remove any excess hairs from around our newly drawn shape in order to achieve our clean crisp lines.

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Brow Mapping 101 – Vapour Beauty
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