Start by wrapping your clients’ hair with a towel or headband to keep products away. The first step is a thorough cleanse, using cotton pads, hot mitts, or sponges. All professional facials double-cleanse to ensure the skin is completely clear of make-up and daily dirt and oils.

Cleansing Routine (5 min)

1. Cleanse each eye separately with small circular movements and remove

with damp cotton wool

2. Cleanse lip area with a figure of eight movement supporting the corner

of the mouth, remove with damp cotton wool

3. Apply cleanser to the neck and face area

4. Starting at the neck, use upward strokes on the neck6 to the right

6 to the left

 5. Alternate stroking along the jaw line x 6

 6. Alternate stroking over the chin using the thumbs x 6

 7. Stroking under the nose and over the upper lip x 6

 8. Circular movements from the corner of the mouth over the entire cheek

area x 3

9. Circular movements at the crease of the nose

10. Stroking up and down the length of the nose

11. Eye circles x 6

12. Stroking of the forehead

13. Cross friction over the forehead

14. Large circular movements over the entire cheek area x 3

15. Finish with pressure at the temples 16. Remove cleanser with damp cotton wool and repeat the routine