Consent & Aftercare

Consultation Procedure

Set the Scene

  • Always consult in private
  • Ensure surroundings are pleasant and relaxing
  • Consultant’s appearance and work area should be immaculate
  • Consultant’s attitude should be welcoming and sincere

Relationship between the Consultant and Client

  • It is vital to build client confidence and create a good rapport
  • A consultant should be tactful and sensitive to clients’ needs and expectations
  • A consultant must have the ability to ascertain relevant personal information for a successful consultation and treatment procedure

Suitability for Treatment

  • Check for contra-indications
  • Visual check of skin surrounding the eyebrow
  • General health
  • Discussion and advice on most the suitable treatment

Treatment Plan

  • Agree the eyebrow design
  • Cost
  • Recommended follow up treatments
  • Long-term treatment plan
  • Treatment room and equipment shown to client


Assuming success of consultation – book the first appointment.


If during your consultation you feel your client needs to be referred to a doctor. Ask them to gain written approval from their GP or Dermatologist. Always keep a copy in your files for insurance purposes.

Never diagnose contra-indications when referring a client to their GP. This is not within your professional area.