Eyebrow Mapping


Place a central starting line in the middle of the eyes, aiming for as central as you can get freehand using the middle of the nose as a guide.

Try to avoid looking at the natural brows at this stage as they may not be even each side. Once this is in place measure the start of the brow from the dip in the side nose and mark a line all the way up to the brow. Alternatively, you can use measurements if you find this easier. Measure 1.5cm from the starting line out to determine where the brow should start.


To measure where your arch should be, measure from the corner of the nose through the middle of the eye through the brow, ensure your client is looking straight ahead for this. Alternatively, you can again use measurements, measure 4.5cm from your starter central line.


To measure the end of the brow, measure from the corner of the nose through to the corner of the eye and to the end of the brow. Alternatively, measure 6.5cm from your central line to the end of the brow.