Facial mask – Application of a mask (10 minutes)

The most appropriate time to apply a mask will depend on the products being

used. Traditionally the mask is applied after the massage, allowing the client

time to relax. Some products may recommend application before the massage

to deepen the effects of cleansing.

The mask can be applied direct to the skin without removing the massage


Apply the mask, working from the bottom of the neck, upwards onto the face.

Apply to the face, leaving a gap around the hairline, nostril, mouth, and eyes

(unless the mask is suitable to apply in the eye area). Cover the eyes with

damp cotton wool discs and pull the towel or blanket up over the client’s

shoulders to keep them warm. You may give the client a hand and arm

massage or a foot massage to aid further relaxation.

Removing the mask

The client may now be in a deeply relaxed state or even asleep. Do not surprise them, just place on hand on the client’s shoulder so that they are aware you are there and then gently removing the mask. Start at the bottom of the neck and work up the face. You may use damp cotton wool or sponges, but it is nice and relaxing to use hot flannels or mitts. Make sure that the entire mask has been removed.