Final application

  • Tone and moisturise

Freshen the skin with a suitable toner; this will also make sure that the skin is

clean and free from any traces of the massage medium or mask if used. Blot

the skin dry and apply a suitable moisturiser. This will give the skin protection.

Warm the moisturiser in your hands before you apply it to the skin and apply

with effleurage movements up and over the face. Blot the skin if there is any

excess cream to remove any shine.

Remove the headband if used and slowly sit your client up. Leave them to sit

for a few minutes and offer them a glass of water. The client may then get

dressed, sit down with client, and give them aftercare advice.

Advice on home skin care

You will tell your client how you think she can take better care of her skin and recommend products for home use. Some feel uncomfortable with this step because it involves product recommendations, but it is part of the a skincare professionals job.