To prepare your ice globes for a facial massage, the first step is to gently clean them. Spray an even layer of an alcohol-based sanitiser over your ice globes and then wipe them clean using a soft material.

The second step is to place them in the freezer. If you’re getting ready for an ice globes facial massage, you can do this 20-minute prior.

That’s it! In just two easy-breezy steps, you will have your ice globes ready for the facial massage of a lifetime. And now, for the moment you have been waiting for: how to perform the most exhilarating, pampering and totally relaxing facial.

How To Perform The Ultimate Massage With Ice Globes

Facial massage techniques work because they apply pressure on acupressure points and enable blood to flow even through congested areas, providing renewed nutrients and oxygen.

By incorporating ice globes in your massage routine, you will have the added magic touch of cold temperatures to boost incredible results. Whenever your clients face feels tired, irritated, or simply needs a refreshing boost, an ice globes facial massage should be your go-to remedy.

Here are the two most useful massage techniques for ice globes and, honestly, the only two you will ever need.

Skin Lifting Massage

Skin lifting massages – or facelift massages, are the gentle, non-invasive alternative to other harsher lifting procedures. The goal? Offer your client a few minutes of heavenly relaxation and a lifetime of youthful skin. An ice globes facelift massage will work wonders for your clients eyes hollows and time-induced folds. Through its strikes, it can smooth wrinkles, tighten saggy areas and infuse renewed energy to your face cells.

Given its goal of lifting and sculpting, an ice globes skin lifting massage is conducted using upward and downward strokes. It is recommended that you start at the base of the neck and work your way to the forehead, avoiding pulling down at any given moment.

Use circular motions and alternate with straight upward movements to increase blood flow. Knead your jawline skin and the contour of your face by pulling up. Repeat each stroke 5 to 10 times before moving to the next area.

Be gentle around the eyes and use soft strokes to massage the skin in this area as it can be extremely sensitive. Take a few seconds to close your clients’ eyes and tenderly press the ice globes over their eyelids. Do not forget about their eyebrows, pure pampering awaits!

For cheeks, use upward diagonal movements that follow the bone life. You can continue the stroke to their temples and apply pressure here. After giving your clients cheekbones some well-deserved love, move to the forehead and use the same upward moves, beginning at the upper end of your eyebrows. 

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massages – also known as lymphatic drainage massages – have been a staple in Asian skincare rituals for centuries and, during the past years, they have also become a highly Intagrammable moment #beautygoals.

This type of massage helps fluid from your lymph nodes drain toxins and wakes up the skin with renewed nutrients. Combined with the fresh power of ice globes, the effect is amplified to deliver a glow like never before, without sallowness, puffiness or enlarged pores.

While the commonly used lymphatic drainage technique involves rolling in downwards and outwards movements, it’s necessary to account for your complexion’s unique needs. To this extent, skin care specialists recommend that you adjust the strokes of an ice globes lymphatic massage according to your skin type.

In case of dry skin, you need to make sure you coax nutrients deep into the tissue with gentle circular movements. Start from the base of the neck where the arteries are and work your way upwards.

If, on the contrary, you have mixed to oily skin, prone to breakouts, you need to start at the top and drain the waste down.

For hyperpigmentation issues or fine lines, apply back and forth scraping movements to awaken the area.

No matter the type of strokes you need, make sure to tackle all facial areas as follows: neck & jawline, cheeks, eyes and forehead, in the order dictated by your complexion.