Insurance & Licensing


You must ensure that you gain insurance to cover your treatments BEFORE you start treating clients (this includes models).

We recommend that you use one of the following reputable company:

–           Insync (Quote BLUSH1 when gaining a quote)

Click on the below link to retrieve a quote:

Legally you must gain a tattoo license before treating clients or models. This requires you to have a visit from a health and safety officer from your local council who will check the area you will be working from against their guidelines. Every council has different guidelines however the basics are as follows:

1.         Wipeable floors and walls

2.         Sink with HOT water available in the room you are working from

3.         Wipeable treatment couch

4.         Products used are disposable (I.E. blades, wound packs, pigment pots)

5.         Valid Insurance displayed on the wall

6.         A copy of your consultation forms and aftercare advice

7.         Sharps box is present

8.         Clinical Waste Bin is present

9.        Evidence on how you check your client is 18 or over

To gain your tattoo license you must do the following:

  1. Gain Insurance
  2. Apply for your tattoo license via your local councils website
  3. Once you have applied and paid for your license online, someone from the council will call you to arrange a site visit to check where you will be working from.
  4. Ensure you have a clinical waste bin and sharps box in your room and a collection service in place (you can google for a private clinical waste collection company for your area)
  5. Ensure you have hot running water in your room and wipeable floors and walls, a beauty couch, trolley and stool.
  6. Once they have checked your room and you have passed their checks they will issue you a certificate (this process can take a few weeks).