Handle for professional hydro dermabrasion machine

Professional hydro dermabrasion machine has 6 heads for kinds of skin and facial treatment.

1. Hydro Dermabrasion cleaning handle:

The hydro microdermabrasion handle is used for removing blackhead and white head. The dermabrasion head could clean the face deeper and brighten our skin. It also has a good result in acne treatment.

2. Skin scrubber Handle:

Skin scrubber is used for removing dead skin, blackhead, and whitehead by high-frequency vibration waves. The scrubber softens the keratinocytes and clean the deeper dirty in the skin.

3. Ultrasound Handle:

Ultrasonic Vibration handle can quickly open the pores. The essence can penetrate into the basal layer of skin.

4. Bi-polar RF Handle:

Bi-polar RF is used for skin tightening, face lifting, and wrinkle removal.

5. High Polymer Oxygen Sprayer:

The oxygen Sprayer combines the oxygen together with the essence for deep facial treatment. The high polymer sprayer supplies the pure oxygen and nutrition on the skin.

6. Cold Hammer:

Cold hammer is designed to shrink the pores and cool the skin. Meanwhile, the cold hammer treatment could repair the dead skin and low down the possibility of irritability.