Microblading Stroke Patterns

Lets start putting blade to practice skin!!

Choose a blade out of your starter kit, choose a brow to start on (if your right handed you would normally tattoo the right side first.)

Sit to the side of the practice skin. In real life you would sit the same side you are tattooing. When tattooing the right brow you would sit on the right hand side. When tattooing the left hand brow you would sit on the left hand side.

The tail of the brow should be the closest to you. I have listed below which lines to start with for ease:

BASE LINES (bottom brow in the photo)

Your base lines are the skeleton of the eyebrow. These strokes will give you a guide once you have wiped away your drawn template and will be the first strokes you implant into the skin during any procedure. These lines are placed on top of each other like a stacking brick effect. Start your lines at the front of the brow going from bottom to top (do about 3-5 of these strokes to begin) once you have completed these continue to blade from the bottom line of the brow and now blade to the centre of the brow, remember to leave a small gap between each stroke big enough to fit another stroke in between. Go from the front of the brow right the way down to the tail. Once complete now tattoo from the centre of the brow up to the top of the brow from start to tail.

SIFTING LINES (middle brow in the photo)

Your sifting lines is what gives the eyebrow fullness. You will start to place sifting lines in between your base lines bit like a brick effect to start gaining more density. This is when the brow starts to take shape. Remember not to overlap any hair strokes. You should now be in a position that if you rubbed away your template you would have what looks like a skeleton brow to work on. Start approximately 3-5 strokes from the front and delicately place a sifting line in the middle of two hair strokes working in the same methodical way… bottom to centre, centre to top! ensure your sifting lines are going in the same direction as your base lines.

TWEAKING LINES (Top brow in the photo)

These strokes will fill any small gaps you may have, can alter the brow slightly if you notice a slight discrepancy and will ultimately finish off the brow. I always leave a small gap between strokes to ensure once healed they remain a hair stroke brow. Hair strokes during the healing process tend to expand so placing them too close together will allow them to heal more like a powder brow as the strokes will migrate and blur together.