Needle Configurations


1 Liner needles are single needles and are commonly used for creating crisp outlines. Our 0.25 PMU Needles creates the perfect crisp stroke and is ideal for oily/combination/normal skin types as it is so incredibly accurate and precise. These particular needles can also used to create a beautiful effect for those looking to achieve a dense and solid result. These can pack in a lot of pigment into the skin very quickly. OurĀ 1 Liner PMU Needles have been manufactured differently to your standard 1 Liner needles in such a way that pigment attaches itself in a glue like fashion to the needle itself and is therefore more effectively inserted into the skin rather than just sliding off.


Round Liner Needles are made up of a round cluster of 1 Liner needles. They typically come in a formation of 3 or 5. Round Liner PMU Needles can be used to create Lip Blush, Powder/Ombre Brows and Eyeliner. A smaller Round Line PMU Needle such as a 3RL will pack in pigment at a denser rate and is therefore ideal for creating a more solid finish or for someone who has oily/problematic skin. Our Round Liner cartridges have been manufactured in such a way that they are ever so slightly wider than other average PMU Needles on the market, with the idea that they will retract more pigment, and will therefore release a larger volume of pigment into the skin in a shorter amount of time.