1. Wash your own hands to start and use a sanitising spray to spray over your hands and the client’s feet.
  2. Examine the client’s feet and nails.
  3. Put an antiseptic wash or foot wash in your foot spa and ask your client to place both feet in it to soak.
  4. During this time, you can ask the client to choose a nail polish.
  5. Remove feet from the foot spa and dry thoroughly.
  6. Remove old nail polish from both feet.
  7. Trim the nails and file to a suitable length.
  8. Use a callous file to remove hard skin from the surface of the foot.
  9. Apply massage cream and soak foot.
  10. Repeat steps 8-9 on the other foot.
  11. Remove first foot from the water and dry thoroughly.
  12. Apply cuticle remover to cuticles and gently push back the cuticle and clean under the free edge. Place back in the foot spa and scrub toes to remove the cuticle remover.
  13. Dry the second foot and repeat step 12.
  14. Dry both feet and remove foot spa.
  15. Massage
  16. Luxury Pedicure option – Apply foot mask and use heated booties.
  17. Wipe over the nail plate with nail varnish remover to remove product residue.
  18. Separate the toes using rolled up tissue.
  19. Apply the base coat first to every nail.
  20. Apply two coats of the coloured varnish. Apply one coat first over each nail, then go back to the first nail you started on to apply the second coat. This allows the polish to dry between applications.
  21. Apply the topcoat to each nail.
  22. Finish with a small drop of cuticle oil to each nail or apply a quick drying topcoat.