Taking the perfect photo is difficult and something we will go over in today’s workshop, so you feel ready to take on the social world!!!

Photos of your work must be clean, minimal and focus on the treatment you’ve performed. Editing is key but always ensure you aren’t editing the actual work, this new generation will know for sure!! What are the dos and don’ts?

Lighting plays a huge part in taking the best photo, we recommend getting the newer ring light from amazon, they also come with great on the wall attachments to keep around your treatment couch clear of clutter. If you don’t have space for a ring light then a Lumee phone case is your next best option. Take your time post treatment to let the treated area settle before taking any photos. Once the treated area is settled and ready for action, we recommend taking at least 30 photos and videos of different angles. It seems like a lot but at least one of them will be grid worthy. Always remember not every client will make the grid, some are your bread and butter clients and some you know straight away will photograph well. Don’t ever be too high and mighty to offer someone you know a free set of brows in exchange for social media advertisement. Even if its someone you don’t know, what girl wouldn’t loved to be offered a free procedure in exchange for some advertising material.

Take your time doing this part, it can take the very best a good 15 minutes of camera work to get the best photos and videos. Always ensure you have the best camera too, its worth upgrading where possible to the latest phone with the best camera, do your research!!!


  • Use a newer ring light
  • Get a lumee phone case
  • Take videos as well as photos
  • Clean single coloured background (fresh couch roll)
  • Choose 3 colours to base your theme around
  • Before and Afters to see a transformation (people love seeing these)
  • double check the surroundings of your client (that small hair in your client’s eye cannot be edited)
  • Get those angles perfect before snapping it
  • Use a high quality camera
  • Use hashtags on your grid posts relevant to the procedure your promoting


  • Fussy photos
  • Edit a caption once its been posted (instagram will hide your post from people seeing it)
  • Use background colours that are out of your chosen 3
  • Miss a day
Best Ring Lighting for Eyelash Extensions and Eyebrow Tattooing