• Clean the area to be waxed and apply your preparation oil – this oil is essential and will allow the wax to adhere to the hair and not to the skin making it a much more comfortable procedure for the client.
  • Check the temperature of the wax first on yourself and then on the client, and once you have established that the temperature is ok, apply your wax in a small square with the first application being against the hair growth and further build the wax patch up with the hair growth.


Jax Wax Waratah – YouTube

Victorian Heath Hot Wax – YouTube

Video: Hot Wax patch application tips with LYCON
Soft Wax vs Hard Wax: Differences, Pros, Cons
  • Establish a thick edge to the wax ready for removal. You may apply a couple of patches at a time but ensure there are gaps between each patch so as they don’t all remove together. If doing the bikini area you can always apply a patch each side at a time.
  • When removing the patch take your fingertips underneath the edge of the patch and flick the end up, then remove the patch in the direction going against the hair growth. When all hair has been removed soothe the area with an after wax preparation. The most uncomfortable part of hot waxing (if you were to claim there was any) is ‘flicking up’ the edge of the wax in order to remove the patch, but as a procedure it is not painful at all and is much kinder and more gentle to the skin in delicate areas making it the perfect choice for client comfort.
  • Hygiene is paramount and during an intimate wax procedure it is crucial that you wear gloves – due to the chance of blood spotting and the exchange of other bodily fluids. It is also crucial that you DO NOT double dip your spatulas. Either use the drizzle method or use a new spatula for each application.
  • Supply your client with written and verbal aftercare

When applying wax near to the hair line or brow area please ensure you place Vaseline on the hair you don’t wish to remove as a barrier in case any wax residue is accidentally placed on the hair.


Standard Bikini Line – A standard bikini line treatment removes the stray hairs that sit outside the natural knicker line. I always recommend tucking a tissue into the edges of the knickers to avoid getting wax on anything before treatment. This will give you a barrier line to work to. Ask the client to place the sole of her foot into her knee and rest her bent knee onto the treatment couch to create a good stretch. Only treat one side at one time so the client is comfortable. I always place a towel over the whole treatment area and only expose the area I’m actually waxing to keep the clients modesty. For more intimate waxing such as Hollywood, Brazilian and Butt crack we recommend sitting a separate intimate waxing course.

Eyebrows, Upper Lip & Chin

Stretching is key to less redness and irritation post treatment. Always prepare the area well ensuring all make up has been removed and stretch with the hair growth and pull the wax off against the hair growth. I.e. Apply wax front the front of the brow down to the tail, once ready, stretch from the tail and pull the wax off towards the front of the brow.


Work in smaller sections as underarm hair tends to grow in different directions. This will enable you to get all the hair out without over waxing.


Always place a towel under the client to protect clothing from any wax drips. Good stretching technique, applying the wax with the hair growth and pulling the hot wax off against the hair growth.