1.         Remove all make up

2.         Superficial cleanse. Look at skin and decide products to be used with client.

3.         Second cleanse to start the treatment.

4. Apply painless peel, use Clinicare HYAL toner to remove

5. Apply vitasept to the skin to clean and prepare for a dermaplane facial

6.         Gloves must always be worn during the dermaplaning part of the treatment but are not essential during the cleansing stage.

7.         We will start the treatment on the forehead by holding the skin taught with your thumb and index finger and holding the dermaplane in your dominant hand.

8.         Only work within a 1-2 inch space to make sure the area of skin is held taught.

9.         Move the blade away from you first to make sure the blades glides easily.  The gliding gently back and forth, altering the position and re-stretching as you go.

10.         For the around the upper lip and lower lip/chin area, for ease, ask the client to place their tongue in front of their teeth to stretch the area.

11.         Tweeze any course hairs from this area as you work.

12.      Apply chosen mask – 10 minutes

13.      Remove mask with warm water

14.      Apply moisturiser and SPF50