Choosing the right products for your treatment is crucial for delivering the very best service for your client.

Here is a few suggestions for products:

HIVE Pre wax Cleansing Spray

Hive pre wax cleansing spray, tea tree oil 400ml | Pre and post care |  Waxing | Beauty | Ellisons

Professional Beauty Systems Tint in Dark Brown and Black

Professional Beauty Systems Eyelash and Brow Tint | Salon Services

HIVE After Wax Oil

Hive After Wax Conditioning Oil 400ml | Pre & After Care | Capital Hair &  Beauty

White Brow Mapping Pen (Blush & Brow Online Store

Brow Mapping Pen (white) – The Secret Beauty Academy

Black Calliper (Blush & Brow Online Store

1Pc black vernier caliper for measuring tools permanent makeup tattoo  eyebrows: Beauty

HIVE Wax flat Birchwood sticks

Hive Disposable Brow & Lip Spatulas - CoolBlades Professional Hair & Beauty  Supplies & Salon Equipment Wholesalers

Blush & Brow Tweezers (Blush & Brow Online Store

Blush & Brow Scissors (Blush & Brow Online Store

Blush & Brow Contour Pallett (Blush & Brow Online Store

Blush & Brow Pencils (Blush & Brow Online Store

Blush & Brow Contour Brush (Blush & Brow Online Store

HIVE warm wax

Hive of Beauty | Wax Range | Warm 'Honey' Wax | Warm 'Honey' Wax