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Even the most experienced beauty therapist needs the right tools to work with.
Start using Jax Wax Australia and be known as “The Place” to go for the best wax treatments in your area. See the benefits for your clients and watch your wax business grow when you use the latest formulations and up to date technologies. Unlike several wax brands available in the UK, these waxing products are not generic or white label. With over 20 years making wax you can be sure of an unrivalled level of excellence with these wax products.


Citrus Wax Remover is a powerful, fully active solvent for cleaning up excess wax on pots and hard surfaces. It has a very pleasant orange fragrance and no nasty solvent odours.

Available in I litre or 500ml it is an excellent wax equipment cleaner and sits perfectly alongside our great range of professional only Salon consumables. This wax equipment cleaner is not to be used on the skin.


This is a two in one product as it is both a pre wax oil when using Jax Wax

Hot Waxes and an excellent after wax oil for both hot and strip waxing.

Apply a small amount to waxed area and lightly massage until oil is absorbed, alternatively for intimate waxing spray a fine mist over waxed area.

Formulated with the finest Essential oils of lavender and tea tree, this oil will soothe and protect the skin after a waxing treatment leaving the skin feeling clean and refreshed. Great antiseptic properties, so an excellent choice after intimate waxing.

This waxing oil has a matching After Wax lotion. A brilliant combination.

? Vegan Friendly

? Paraben Free

? Not tested on animals

? With Tea Tree Extract

? With Lavender Extract

? No Palm Oil

? No Mineral Oil

? No Preservatives


For the perfect wax experience, Victorian Heath is the luxury answer to your intimate waxing prayers. Super flexible, containing titanium dioxide and the gentlest wax available anywhere.  This luscious pink beaded wax removes all the hair – first time – every time. Our best selling wax worldwide, proven and trusted.

No more breaking up wax with a hammer. Just pour the required amount into the wax pot.


round end flat Birchwood spatulas, ideal for smooth and efficient wax application.


This unique Dual Digital Wax Heater features 2 separate heating chambers (0.5 Litre and 1 Litre) that can heat up independently or simultaneously and will enable you to heat two waxes at the same time. It is is specifically designed for use with depilatory warm and hot waxes for salon perfect hair removal or luxurious paraffin heat therapy treatments. This is the ultimate heater for versatility and will enable you to heat two waxes at the same time.