Clinicare chemical peels

GLOW, PURE and REFRESH Chemical Peelings Protocol

Treatment protocol:
• Clean the skin thoroughly using CLINICCARE Concentrated Cleansing Foam. Mix a small amount of
Concentrated Cleansing Foam with water and make a light foam. Massage the skin and remove with
lukewarm water and gauze and pat dry.
• Apply 1 full pump of CLINICCARE Instant Painless Peel and rub in circular movements for 1-2 minutes. Cleanse skin using CLINICCARE HYAL+ Skin Toner. (OPTIONAL – for persons with thicker skin and with no skin sensitivity problems)
• Remove grease and oils using Vitasept H Skin Antiseptic and let it dry. Get your client to hold their breath whilst you apply as it will take their breath away slightly.
• Use a plaster or Vaseline to protect the eyes, nostrils and lips. You can apply this using a cotton bud.
• Mix peel and peel blender according to Mixtures & Treatment plan.

Application of Peelings:
• Always follow the sequence as outlined depending on the peel you are administering.
• Slightly overlap each area by half to ensure full coverage.
• Apply peel using gauze around a gloved finger with slight
pressure to allow for a more even and controlled application.
• Follow the skin lines.

• Discuss patient medical history and peel contraindications, assess patient’s skin and determine Fitzpatrick skin type.
• Careful patient selection is the key to the success of any peel. It is important to determine the state of the skin that is undergoing superficial chemical peeling. Patients who use retinoids, undergo frequent facials or microdermabrasion, engage in salon laser procedures, or use waxing as a method of hair removal may experience unpredictable deeper peel penetration due to loss of the stratum corneum.
• Carry out a patch test if necessary, especially for Pure Peel with Fitzpatrick types 5 and above to prevent post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and for Glow Peel for patients with nut allergies.

Direction of application:
Always apply from the middle moving in the outwards direction slightly overlapping the areas with each stroke.

• The patient must follow aftercare advice including using adequate sunscreen following treatment.
• A series of treatments should be performed for optimum results.

Neutralization and Booster:
• The peeling should be actively neutralized after 2 to 7 minutes (or when the patient reaches a pain level of 4 or 5 on a 10-point scale), by cleansing the skin with CLINICCARE HYAL+ Skin Toner. The skin needs to be completely rinsed at least 3 times, taking care to thoroughly remove the acid from the corners of the nose and mouth.
• (OPTIONAL) Boost treatment results: Apply 1 – 2 layers of CLINICCARE AHA + EGF Skin Booster and wait for 2 – 3 minutes. Remove using CLINICCARE HYAL+ Skin Toner.
• Soothe and cool the skin using a suitable CLINICCARE EGF Mask for about 20 – 30 minutes.

• After the mask, if needed apply suitable CLINICCARE skincare product.
• CLINICCARE Sun Shield Cream SPF30 provides optimal protection against the sun.

  • NO FROSTING should occur. In the event of accidental frosting, neutralize immediately with CLINICCARE HYAL+ Skin Toner. Avoid all contact with the eyes. Should the solution come into contact with the eyes, wash with plenty of physiological saline solution. Please note for Pure peel some crystallization may occur – simply wipe away with toner. A video of the CLINICCARE Skin Peel can be viewed at

Order of application (1-4 layers):

  1. Begin with the forehead and eyebrows (in a horizontal direction). On completion of the forehead apply one stroke on each eyebrow.
  2. Down the bridge of the nose and both sides of the nose (vertical, semi-circular direction, with cotton buds if necessary).
  3. The cheeks (semi-circular, follow nasal/lip line to and including jaw line).
  4. Below the eyes extending out to the temples (horizontal with cotton buds
    if necessary, maintaining a distance of 3mm under the lower eye lid).
  5. Above the upper lip area (horizontal/circular direction, in combination with
    the chin).
  6. The chin area.