Radio frequency equipment uses a pulsed direct current (dc) at a very low intensity to provide an anti-ageing effect. The intensity is measured in microamps, the smallest unit of electricity used in electrotherapy and are much smaller than milliamps and are therefore barely noticeable to the client. One microamp is equal to a thousandth of a milliamp. Microcurrent is modified by waveforms that are interrupted by varying pulses. Pulses have a duration varying from one millionth of a second to 2 seconds. The signals vary in pulses per second and per pulse to achieve differing results. Waveforms can be ramps, sine, square or rectangle.


⦁ Sine
Most gentle effect that is like the body’s electrical wave form and improves circulation and colour. Has a toning effect on the skin.

⦁ Ramp
Rises sharply and then gradually decreases after peaking. Mimics a rolling wave which stimulates and moves lymph fluid. Aids muscle relaxation.

⦁ Rectangle
Has a rapid rise and a long duration followed by a sharp decline. Has an intensive lifting effect.

⦁ Square
Like rectangle but has a rise and intensity that are equal. Has a lifting effect.

Radio Frequency techniques

These vary between different types of machines and probes as well as the results you want to achieve. Therapists should follow the manufacturers guidelines for their specific machine.

Effects of Radio Frequency

Stimulates fibroblasts in the connective tissues which encourages the renewal of collagen and elastin.
Stimulates tissue repair and regeneration.
Blood and lymph circulation increases.
Oxygenates the skin.
Temporary removal of fine lines and improved elasticity.
Aids the healing process and refines the pores and reduces visible scar tissue.
Improves texture and appearance of the skin.


· Epilepsy
· Metal plates, pins or excessive fillings
· Diabetes
· Heart conditions
· Pacemaker
· pregnancy
· Migraine
· Circulatory disorders
· Recent heat treatments
· Recent laser or dermabrasion
· Cancer or undergoing cancer treatment