Gel Lash Adhesive Remover | LashBase Limited

It is important that the client does not remove the lashes themselves as this could damage the eyelashes and may lead to hair loss. The lash extensions should always be removed by a professional.

Position the client on the couch as you would for the application process and make sure you protect their hair and clothes. 

Remove any make-up from the area with an eye make-up remover and protect the lower eyelashes by placing a protective eye-shield over them. 

Protect the lower lashes and eye by placing a protective eye shield over them.

Apply the solvent to an applicator and gently stroke down the lash extensions until the adhesive dissolves. As this happens, the lash will begin to loosen, and you can use a dry applicator in the other hand to loosen it further. 

When the adhesive has fully dissolved you can very gently attempt to remove the lash. Begin by supporting the upper eyelid with the fingers of one hand and remove the lash with tweezers in the other hand. If there is any resistance re-apply the solvent until the lash comes away comfortably.

Once the lashes have been removed, you should soothe the area with damp cotton wool pads to remove any remaining solvent.