How you handle a situation that arises during a dermaplaning treatment can determine if the client returns to you in the future.

Accidents happen during procedures and treatments; clients can get a nick with the blade. Being professional and organised during this can help you. 

If you nick a client with the blade, stop the treatment immediately. Apply pressure to the area for 30 seconds. Has the bleeding stopped? If so, you can continue around the area to complete the treatment.

If the bleeding is not looking to be stopping raise the clients head higher than their heart and keep the pressure with gauze on the area. REMAIN CALM AND PATIENT. Some styptic powder and continued pressure should help the bleeding.

Always record and small nicks that have happened onto the client’s consultation form. Record what was done and that you explained this to the client.

Call the client the next day to check that they are happy with the procedure outcome and that the small nick is healing. A follow up call is essential to keep the client bond strong when incidents happen.

Clients that have been drinking alcohol 24 hours previously and that drink a lot of caffeine can bleed more if nicked.