If there is one facial feature that can rejuvenate and make us appear lifted and more youthful, it is our eyebrows. From lifting our eyes to making us appear more awake and refreshed in the morning, a decent set of brows will have our backs every time. If you think they are non essential, then think again!!

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Our brows give our faces proportion, enhance our features and frame our eyes. If you look at a portrait, you can instantly change the way you perceive someone entirely based on their brow placement and brow shape alone. We are all familiar with the puppy dog look a Low and heavy eyebrow can give , which is why a lot of us opt for a higher arched eyebrow to make our eye area pop. If your brows are too fair or virtually non existent then they lack the definition needed to pull attention towards your eyes. By emphasising on your clients brows and finding the perfect shape, width, length, arch, and thickness, you cannot go wrong and they will keep on coming back.

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This is the reason why brow treatments are such big business for almost all salons and clinics. Eyebrows can most definitely make or break your overall look.

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