A high definition brow treatment combines the use of tinting the brow along with the small hairs surrounding the brow to achieve a more defined colour and shape. Once the colour of the brow is noticeably darker, we use a measuring tool to determine how the brow should be sitting on the clients’ face, how far away from the nose, where the arch should be and where the tails should end. Once these measurements have been determined an outline of the brow is drawn onto the clients’ skin using a brow mapping pencil which is easily removable. This will give you the perfect outline to wax around ensuring precision to get that crisp edge your brow queens will desire.

A small amount of tweezing is done after to take away any stray hairs before applying the finishing touches. A contouring pencil under the brow to highlight the crisp bottom line and a small amount of brow pencil/powder to fill in any gaps. This treatment is ideal for anyone wishing to change the shape of the brows and grow areas to achieve the perfect shape for their face shape.

This is a very good way of getting clients through the door and onto a brow treatment without a scary price tag attached.