Procedure Sequence

Pre-numb the area 30-45 minutes before treatment. Take photographic evidence for your records.

2.         Pencil in the desired eyebrow shape using your new brow mapping skills

3.        Okay the shape with your client and take photographic evidence of the shape agreed on.

4.        Colour match your client to the desired pigment.

5.         Create your base line hair strokes starting a finger width from the front. Completing the bottom lines first (bottom to middle) then the top (middle to top) then back to complete the front. (REMEMBER TO GO OVER EACH HAIR STROKE TWICE BEFORE MOVING ONTO IMPLANTING A NEW HAIRSTROKE)

6.         Colour mist your base lines before removing your template. Apply your secondary numbing ointment and move onto the next brow.

9.         Repeat the same technique on the opposite Brow.

10. Leave the numbing cream to sit on your second brow and return to your first brow to implant some sifting lines to create that full and fluffy looking brow. Colour Mist this brow and move onto the second brow.

11. Wipe the eyebrow clean and implant some sifting lines. Once complete apply your colour mist, Wait a few minutes and wipe clean.

11.     Sit client up and check the brows are even and you are happy before giving the client a mirror. Always ask the client if they are happy.

12.      Take photographic evidence for your records of the result.

13.      Provide verbal and written aftercare for your client.